COWTOPIA Mission to Mars : Boost your Agility with Cows & Dragons

BY POPULAR DEMAND FOR the COWS! COWTOPIA Online is BACK! See what past participants have said at

First conceived in 2016 during client workshops to help teams learn about agility, product design and development, COWTOPIA Mission to Mars is a brand new online game to help product teams learn about themselves and how agile concepts, design and product development can help them save Planet Earth from methane emissions from Cows in 2056.

You are the Agile Space Force tasked with saving Planet Earth. Are you ready for the challenge?

Game Facilitators : 2 (Space Marshall & Space Force)
Observers : 2 (Planet Earth United and Martian Cow Union)

* Play tested with Astra, AWS, BCA, BTPN Jenius, Capitaland, Carousell, Doku, Realta, OVO by The Collab Folks.
** This community edition is a specially designed 2h game session battle tested by agile coaches and product leaders.

Your Role : Agile Space Force

2-5 teams with each team of 3-5 people
Sense of humour required!

You are a multi-dimensional team who knows about Cows, Rockets and all the important skills needed to get Cows safely to Mars.

You are invited to design, build and test your ideas to deliver one million cows by 2060.
Starting from 2057, the end of each year will introduce new elements for your team to consider.
*Hint* Space Dragons are involved

The team that delivers the most value will be awarded the final contract by the Space Force Commander to relocate Cows from Planet Earth to Mars from 2060. This contract is worth nothing as money is no longer a thing. It will however give you a new badge to add to your LinkedIn as a Cowtopia Space Force Practitioner (YACP-CSFP)).

Your Game Facilitators

Space Marshall Michael
Michael has been gaming on a diet of Wing Commander, EVE Online and most recently X4 Foundations since young and is fascinated by how games help us learn about ourselves. When not developing teams in Agile, Design and Product practices, he is often researching game design companies like CCP Games and Cloud Imperium Games and how they develop games for large audiences. COWTOPIA was inspired by a product development workshop where participants were challenged to think about how to innovate on cows for a better world.

Space Force Commander

Planet Earth United

Martian Cow Union

Proceeds from the event supports We Can Academy, whose work supports exposing underpriviledge children to a world of new professional possibilities.

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